Video From July 15th 2017 – Night Suppressor Match Run and Gun

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Standard Run and Gun rules apply for all matches.

Match fee is $40.00

A video from the Suppressor Night Match on July 19th 2014 – Video by Eric Bruder


A video from the Suppressor Night Match on July 19th 2014 – Video by Eric Bruder

Check out the video Eric Bruder and the Longshot Enterprises guys made.The guns in the video are .22 rifles.

Start time is the time of the safety meeting. Hammer Down after the meeting

Keep checking our site for other matches.

Expect most matches to end between 2:00 and 4:00. It all depends on how many shooters show up.

Shoots are rain or shine. See our weather link below and prepare to have fun rain or shine!

Lightning, snow or ice are about the only thing that will stop a Run and Gun match.

We will be selling food and drinks during Run and Gun Matches



FMJ ammo is allowed but not recommended. Lead or plated ammo is best.

We welcome beginners but please take your firearm to the range a few times so you are comfortable.

If you buy a new firearm please test it before the match.

Please review our rules section about safety before coming to the match.

9 Shooting classes

Stock Revolver – Open Revolver – Lo-cap Stock Auto – Lo-cap Open Auto –

Carbine – Hi-cap Stock Auto – Hi-cap Open Auto – .22 Pistol – .22 Rifle

Classifications for standard Pistol/Carbine Matches

Stock Revolver – Any stock revolver with stock barrels, open sights.
No compensators, venting ports or optics of any kind.

Open Revolver -Any revolver, no restrictions.

Lo-cap Stock Auto – Any auto in stock configuration, open sights, 8 rounds maximum.

Lo-cap Open Auto – Any auto, 8 round maximum any sights and porting.

Hi-cap Stock Auto –  Any stock auto no mag restrictions 9+ round mags no maximum.

Hi-cap Open Auto – Any auto, no magazine restrictions, any sights, no restrictions.

Carbine – Pistol caliber above .22 (9mm, 40, 45) carbine, any capacity mags, any sights.

Because of safety reasons with steel targets no .30 carbines allowed.

.22 Pistol – All .22 pistols

.22 Rifle – All .22 rifles


Time + penalties = total score.

Penalties will be

1) Misses = 5 seconds each

2) Knockdown steel still standing = 5 seconds each

3) Firing a shot out of bounds(foot fault or shooting box) 5 seconds per shot.

4) Shooting white hostage targets = 5 seconds per shot

5) Intentional damage to range equipment = DQ for stage (Second time you are not welcome back)