About Run and Gun


For years a bunch of friends would get together to go to the range and shoot. At the range we would sit at a bench and shoot at paper targets. Later we started shooting matches and enjoyed it so much more because we were moving around and shooting. Some matches were designed to just be great for firearm handling and practicing target acquisition. Some matches although very fun have thick rule books and equipment restrictions. We all know that you did not buy that large capacity magazine just to shoot a match that does not allow you to fill your magazine to capacity. There has to be a match that will allow all of your toys and not have dozens of pages of rules and equipment restrictions to memorize. So we decided to run one. Some people like the concept of stages that can have a real life feel. Some people like shooting gallery stages. So we started Run and Gun.

Run and Gun has very simple rules all built on safety. The rulebook is only one page. Then we add stage rules in for each stage we run. This way Run and Gun can be anything we want it to be. We run pistol matches, shotgun matches, night matches and soon to come a World War II match using firearms from that era. We have had kill house stages, steel stages and we have even run matches shooting from a moving vehicle.

We did not want to turn our backs on our friends who enjoy shooting revolvers. So the simple solution was to allow everything and put people in different classifications. That way revolver people shoot against other revolver people to make it fair and of course people with the large capacity magazines with all kinds of accessories have a class of their own. Another element we felt was left out was pistol caliber carbines. They are pistol caliber so why not allow a class for them? A large number of shooters own these pistol caliber carbines. Our match welcomes people to shoot using these firearms that are not allowed in most other matches. The shooter in the video below is one of those people who has an AR 9mm with a beta drum and holographic sight.

Our Rules are very simple. The absolute priority is SAFETY. Shooting safely at our matches will insure fun for everyone.

When it doubt always ask an RO (Range Officer)

Come out and give it a try!