Rules of Run and Gun

#1 Never handle your firearm until the RO (Range Officer) allows you to. Your RO will tell you when to handle your firearm.

Do not walk to the line with your firearm until the RO insures the range is clear and tells you to bring your firearm to the line.

If you have malfunctioning equipment you may take it to a gun handling area with an RO or other assigned person.

Always ask permission from your RO before going to the gun handling area.

#2 Never load your firearm until you are the shooter on the line and the RO tells you to “load and make ready”.

#3 This is the 180 rule. Never allow the barrel of your gun turn toward the back of the range. The 180 line is an imaginary line that travels down range with the shooter. See diagram below.

When you are shooting a course that makes you move right or move left make sure you are careful of where your barrel is pointing when you reload.











#4 Guests that are not shooting must have proper eye and hearing protection.

#5 On courses that require you to move down range, backing up with a firearm is not allowed.

#6 All Carbines and shotguns require chamber flags. We will have them for sale when you sign in for a match.

Breaking any of these safety rules may result in a DQ (disqualification) and the shooter will be sent home.

At Run and Gun the RO is given the authority to DQ a shooter for anything they see that is unsafe.

Most of our courses require 30 rounds each.

We usually have 6 courses at every match.

The entry fee is $20.00 each. Police, active military and children 15 and under are half price.

If you volunteer to be the RO (range officer) in your group the RO shoots for free. We only need 5 or 6 ROs at each shoot.

You are not allowed to move backwards on stages that move down range.

No holsters required, only a modern center fire handgun/carbine 9mm or larger ,and enough mags and speed loaders to complete stages.

Because of the steel plates the club does not allow M1 Carbines because of the FPS of the round.

Start positions will be gun in hand. All reloading will be from belt or pants pockets unless otherwise noted.

Children 15 and under must be with an adult and must use a caliber they can safely handle. (.22 – 9mm)

Everyone should arrive at match to sign in before 8:45am.

We will have our range meeting at 8:50 and hammer down after the meeting.

FMJ ammo is allowed but not recommended. Lead or plated ammo is best.

We welcome beginners but please take your firearm to the range a few times so you are comfortable.

If you buy a new firearm please test it before the match.

Please review our rules section about safety before coming to the match.

Stock Revolver – Open Revolver – Lo-cap Stock Auto – Lo-cap Open Auto –
Carbine –  Hi-cap Stock Auto – Hi-cap Open Auto – .22 Pistol – .22 Rifle

Classifications for standard Pistol/Carbine Matches
Stock Revolver – Any stock revolver with stock barrels, open sights.
No compensators, venting ports or optics of any kind.
Open Revolver -Any revolver, no restrictions.
Lo-cap Stock Auto – Any auto in stock configuration, open sights, 8 rounds maximum.
Lo-cap Open Auto – Any auto, 8 round maximum any sights and porting.
 Hi-cap Stock Auto –  Any stock auto no mag restrictions 9+ round mags no maximum.
Hi-cap Open Auto – Any auto, no magazine restrictions, any sights, no restrictions.
Carbine – Pistol caliber above .22 (9mm, 40, 45) carbine, any capacity mags, any sights.
Because of safety reasons with steel targets no .30 carbines allowed.
.22 Pistol – All .22 pistols
.22 Rifle – All .22 rifles
Time + penalties = total score.
Penalties will be 1) misses = 5 seconds each
2) Knockdown steel still standing = 5 seconds each
3) Firing a shot out of bounds (foot fault or shooting box) 5 seconds per shot.
4) Shooting white hostage targets = 5 seconds per shot