Two Gun

Two Gun

Two Gun Run and Gun is a match that uses the pistol that you use at a standard Run and Gun match but adds the use of a

shotgun or rifle (2 kinds of matches Rifle or Shotgun 2 – gun)  to complete the course.

This is what to expect at a Two Gun Run and Gun.

Most of our courses require 20 – 25 rounds of pistol ammunition and 20 rounds of shotgun birdshot for each stage or

20 rounds of rifle (matches vary between 2 gun pistol and shotgun or 2 gun pistol and rifle).

We use the same Run and Gun rules.

The entry fee is $40.00 each. Police, active military and children 15 and under are half price.

If you volunteer to be the RO (range officer) in your group the RO shoots for free. We only need 2 or 3 ROs at each shoot.

Children 15 and under must be with an adult and must use a caliber they can safely handle. (.22 – 9mm)

You are not allowed to move backwards on stages that move down range.

Everyone should arrive at the match to sign in before 8:45am.

We will have our range meeting at 8:45 and hammer down after the meeting.

Pistol Ammo – FMJ ammo is allowed but not recommended. Lead or plated lead ammo is best.

We welcome beginners but please take your firearm to the range a few times so you are comfortable.

If you buy a new firearm please test it before the match.

Please review our rules section about safety before coming to the match.


Stock pistols – are defined as center fire revolvers and autos with stock sights, no electronic dot sights, no telescopic optics, no porting or compensators and must load 10 or less rounds in mag.
Stock shotguns – 8 rds max, no mags or speed loaders or optics.

Stock Rifle – No optics or electronic dot sights.

Two Gun STOCK Class: Both pistol and shotgun/rifle are stock.

Two Gun LIMITED Class: One gun will be stock and the other anything goes.

Two Gun OPEN Class: Both guns anything goes.


MATCH LAYOUT: matches will be 4 to 5 stages. You will be using BOTH pistol and shotgun each stage. Any pistol cal may be used (see normal run & gun rules) . Shotguns will be 12ga or 20 ga.  Shotgun ammo will be #6 or smaller (6-9 shot) NO SLUGS OR BUCKSHOT WILL BE USED. All pistol targets will be paper with limited steel. Shotgun targets will be steel & claybirds. You will not need a holster or sling for this match. All secondary guns will be staged before the start of each stage. Rifle targets are paper and sometimes bowling pins.

*any questions feel free to email